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Gregory House Rules (updated May 2011)

A condominium is a community where people of diverse ages and backgrounds live in close proximity to one another, sharing the common elements of the building that is their home. It is the sincere intention of the Gregory Board in publishing these Rules that the Gregory be a true community of neighbors who know, like, and respect each other. It is the Board's responsibility to adopt Rules to cover more specifically what constitutes the conduct of good neighbors. (Bylaws 7.21)

The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the property is kept in the finest condition possible to preserve the value of your investment in your condominium.

In many important respects, living in a condominium is different from living in a private home, an apartment or a dormitory. Condominium living places restrictions on a resident's activities-such as the volume of noise tolerable from a stereo, or the kind of pet one may own-that are either not an issue or not enforceable in a neighborhood of private homes. In addition, owners have a social and monetary interest in the upkeep of the building, which they own in common.

In purchasing at the Gregory, we all agreed to abide by the Declaration of the Gregory Condominiums, the Bylaws of the Gregory Condominiums Owners Association, and by implication, the House Rules.

The maintenance of the value and the livability of our condominium require the interested participation of all members of the Association in the quality of life offered by the Gregory Condominium, both as a community in which we participate and as a property that we maintain.

The House Rules


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